meet the team

Already in 2006 we started in Germany with an agency for insurance services. Over the course of a few years, we developed our agency into a market leader in the region for insurance, financing and hedging.
Since 2015 we have been operating internationally and have contacts in various industries and companies.
We have made it our business to support sustainable start-ups and companies.
From financing, foundation, marketing and the first sales, we are your partner.
Our financial, logistical and IT systematic experience, how does trade work, we give answers and provide our worldwide network.

Martin Kandzior, CEO of KandziorLabs OÜ

is founder and CEO of KandziorLabs OÜ. Already in 2007 he founded the insurance agency Kandzior & Kollegen. Prior to that, he successfully completed his studies in the field of management in the field of insurance and banking, IHK.
He expanded the agency in the area of insurance, banking services and tax and legal advice. Kandzior und Kollegen had around 32 employees and managed an insurance turnover of EUR 14 million.

In 2012, out of conviction and curiosity, he moved to several other companies, including global corporations, to provide them with sales, marketing, accounting and operational support.

Through his strong network of CEOs and other executives worldwide, he supported a Dutch international company in the field of logistics. The logistics area was thus also further expanded at KandziorLabs.

As a sales advisor, he is now also working for the largest cargo airline worldwide.

The business in the various divisions, insurance, banking, real estate, logistics and healthcare is being continued globally by him through the holding company.

Lisandra Maria Kadri, CFO of KandziorLabs OÜ

is our chief financial officer.
Already in 2019 she maintained good contacts with our management and is not only responsible for finances, but also for legal affairs and human resources.

She completed an apprenticeship as a banking specialist at Paysera and subsequently studied in Frankfurt/Main and Dublin. With her Master in Law and Finance degree from Trinity College Dublin, she joined BNP Paribas S.A. a few years later in the field of controlling.

In 2015 she moved to her home in Tallinn and supported start ups worldwide in the establishment and consulting of e-resident in Estonia, on behalf of the Estonian government.

On 3.02.2020 she was appointed CFO by the CEO of KandziorLabs and works at the headquarters in Tallinn.

Gin, CHO of KandziorLabs OÜ

Every aspiring organization should have someone to watch over the happiness of its team – a team, i.e. all employees, customers, suppliers and beyond.

For us, this overseer has an important title: Chief of Happiness. And our Chief Happiness Officer is a cuddly German Caucasian sheepdog called Gin. (Who, yes, is a dog and not a bottle of gin and tonic :-D)

But who’s Gin?

Let’s learn more about gin, which is the heart of our company.

His working day starts at 3 a.m. or 10 a.m. depending on his mood. Sometimes he takes a short break in between and enjoys the nice weather or a full bowl.

After the first walk outside, our Chief of Happiness usually walks through all departments and greets everyone by picking up his strokes.

Afterwards he visits the mail room and discusses the menu for the day. If the postman doesn’t have a sample for him, it can get loud. But usually this happens very rarely. After the mail and parcel receipt is checked, he takes his time and stays in his office until his skills are needed by our team.

He is a very important team member in our company.

In the afternoon there is a walk and a farewell tour through all departments.

And is already looking forward to the next day to see everyone again.